Carpet Cleaning in Battersea: The Dangers of Having Dirty Carpets

Some people believe they won’t gain from professional cleaning because they don’t need all of the rooms in their home cleaned regularly. Some people dismiss such services because they think all professional cleaners do is a little dusting and mopping here and there. However, most professional cleaning companies offer a wide array of services, so whether you need furniture deep-cleaned or house stains removed, they can help.

Carpet Cleaning in Battersea The Dangers of Having Dirty Carpets

Carpets are problem area for many homeowners. Dirty carpets in particular, pose real health risks. This may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not; if not cleaned regularly and properly, your carpet can make you sick. And this is true for sensitive individuals with respiratory conditions. In case you’re not aware of how dirty carpets can affect your health, here’s what you need to know:

Dirty carpets can worsen respiratory problems

Carpets collect dust, dirt, and other debris over time. Some of the things that will accumulate in your carpet make excellent food for dust mites and other microscopic organisms. Waste matter from these organisms can easily get launched into the air when you walk on the carpet, and once inhaled, can lead to a variety of respiratory symptoms ranging from an itchy nose to full-blown asthma.

Dirty carpets are filled with germs

Homeowners and their pets track dirt from the outside all the time. If your carpet is prone to heavy traffic, it can get filthy and suffused with microorganisms rather quickly.

Dirty carpets can lead to athlete’s foot

If someone with athlete’s foot steps on your carpet, everyone else is at high risk of catching this nasty fungus. Likewise, if you reside in an apartment building or condominium, pets and pests could easily track athlete’s foot from someone else’s infected carpet onto yours.

Clearly, a homeowner can greatly benefit from all the tasks that a professional Streatham and Battersea carpet cleaning company can do. Working with these companies is especially beneficial for anyone who doesn’t have the experience, knowledge, time, patience, and tools to make their homes—most especially their carpets—spotless.

For whatever type of cleaning you may need, let a Battersea and Streatham carpet cleaning firm such as Safeclean Wandsworth handle it. All you have to do is lay back and watch the professionals make your home impeccably clean right before your very eyes.


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