Professional Carpet Cleaning: A Must to Avoid Illnesses in the Family

Do you think unsightly stains are your worst enemy when it comes to your rugs and carpets? Believe it or not, your carpets and rugs might also be harbouring elements that could endanger the health of everyone in your home, especially when you don’t clean them for a long time. Though you might love the comfort and the soft feeling underfoot whenever you step on the carpet, your carpet can be the cause of certain illnesses if you don’t have help from professional carpet cleaning services.


What Hides Within Rugs and Carpets

Aside from bathrooms and fireplaces, carpets can contribute to a home’s poor air quality. When families are exposed to a mix of numerous airborne pollutants—most of which are found in your carpets and rugs—these can cause respiratory problems and skin diseases, a condition dubbed as toxic home syndrome.

What exactly is hiding within your carpets and rugs? Dust, dander, dirt, bacteria, and, surprisingly, toxic cleaning materials that can release harmful substances into the air are all hidden. Generally, carpets can harbour up to 40 pounds of dirt, and even an ounce of dust can be home to thousands of dust mites.

Dust mites, however, might be the least of your problems when you find out that germs can thrive on your carpet. One particular bacteria that might be present in your carpet is the Norovirus, which is often linked to stomach flu and can survive more than a month if you forego routine cleaning.

Thicker Rugs, Bigger Problems

The problem with dirt and bacteria might be more complicated for homes or offices with larger and plusher rugs and carpets. Generally, natural carpet materials like cotton, jute, and sisal are at a lower risk of acquiring large amounts of dust and bacteria, since these are often woven into thinner rugs. Rugs that are bigger and plusher, on the other hand, present bigger health risks, since allergens from the fibres are harder to remove from these.

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Though owning a carpet might be a chore given this information, regular cleaning makes carpets a great addition to any space. For homes with a pet, professional carpet cleaners suggest vacuuming daily, otherwise carpets should be vacuumed twice a week.

For big homes or commercial establishments with carpets installed in Battersea, Putney, and the nearby areas, having them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service like Safeclean Wandsworth by Guardsman is ideal. Professional cleaning services can ensure that carpets won’t harbour bacteria, germs, dust, and the like that could endanger the health of the house’s or office’s inhabitants.


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