Debunking The Shrinkage Myth After a Professional Carpet Cleaning

It’s silly how some people believe professional cleaning can cause their carpets to shrink. “Regular cleaning of carpets will shrink my carpet thus ruining it forever” is one of the major myths that professional carpet cleaners always have to face and debunk. Most people think that regular cleaning leads to wear of the carpet thus leading to loss of size and density. In truth, it’s nothing but a baseless rumor that has been going around for as long as the carpet cleaners have been in business.


Yes, carpets do shrink but not because of regular carpet cleaning. There is only one way carpets will shrink – when leave your carpet soaking wet after you are done cleaning it. Shrinkage only happens when an exceedingly damp and wet carpet is left to dry for longer periods than what is necessary or recommended.

This problem can be avoided by making sure the carpet owner dries the wet carpet thoroughly after they are done cleaning the carpet. Another way to avoid carpet shrinkage problems is by hiring a carpet cleaner who dries the carpet as he or she works across the room.
Certain types of carpets and rags, however, can shrink for a brief period after being cleaned. In fact, from observation, various synthetic carpets will shrink after they’ve been cleaned they then return to normal. This is usually due to the water used in cleaning. This, however, should not alarm you as it is a normal occurrence even in fabrics.

Professional cleaning is the best way to clean carpets. Professional cleaners have the skillset to work on all types of carpets available in the market. Cleaners will dry your carpet completely using specialised equipment to avoid shrinkage.


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