Why Carpet Cleaning Should Always be Done the Right Way by Experts

A carpet is an expensive investment, and correct carpet cleaning is a must. Not only does cleaning preserve the appearance, it also prolongs the life of the carpet.

Particles of dirt in the pile act like countless tiny blades, slashing at the fibres of the carpet. Traffic over the carpet exacerbates this process, so regular hoovering is important. The damage that a carpet receives can easily be seen when hoovering, as the fluff mixed with the dirt is the carpet fibres that have become detached.


The most common mistake is hoovering or cleaning vigorously yet infrequently. Quickly hoovering the carpet can damage the fibres whilst leaving the dirt in place. Similarly, cleaning the carpet with harsh detergents can damage the carpet irreparably. It will also spread stains whilst grinding the dirt into the fibres.

Home cleaning with household products is seldom as effective as professional cleaning, and leaving the dirty water in the carpet is counter-productive. A second pass over high-traffic areas might be necessary. Spills should never be scrubbed; they should be covered with paper towels then hoovered when dry.

Seeking Professional Help

Carpets should only be cleaned by carpet cleaning professionals who will use a wet-vacuum approach to deep cleanse the carpet. They will then remove the water and dirt with a high-suction device that vents dirty water and air outside the home.



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